Four Keys to Proper Windshield Wiper Maintenance

Especially given the recent series of rainstorms in the state of Texas and the approach of summer sun and heat, maintaining your windshield wiper blades is critical to your safety on the road and car window tinting in Houston will provide protection from hot sunny days. A number of factors can play a role in the deterioration of your windshield wipers, including the following:

• The condition of your windshield
• The amount of dust in the air or on the roads
• Sand or salt used to treat icy areas during the winter
• Extremes of heat and cold outside
• Excessive dirt or ice on windshields while wipers are in use
• Contaminants on the wiper blades that can have a corrosive or otherwise damaging effect

Here are four simple steps you can take to extend the life of your windshield wiper blades and to ensure clear visibility even during heavy downpours.

Wash Your Vehicle Frequently

Regular visits to the car wash can help keep your windshield clear of grit and dust that can damage wiper blades and reduce their effectiveness in keeping your field of vision clear. Washing away roadway salt can prevent its corrosive effect on rubber-based wiper blades. Thorough cleaning can also reveal small cracks and chips that may be obscured by dirt and can allow you to take steps to address these issues early on before they become major issues and expenses.

Check Your Windshield

Small cracks and chips can do a real number on your windshield wipers and can reduce their ability to effectively keep auto glass clean. Over time, these irregularities in the surface of your windshield can damage the line of your wiper blades and lead to reduced visibility in rainy or snowy weather. Even minor cracks can have a serious effect on the performance of your windshield wipers and can result in added wear and faster deterioration of rubber, silicone and other materials. Working with an established company that offers windshield crack repair in Houston can resolve dings, chips and spider-web cracks quickly and efficiently to ensure that your wiper blades stay intact and offer clear visibility regardless of what the Texas weather brings.

Clean Your Wiper Blades

In some cases, a direct approach can be the best way to protect your windshield wipers against premature wear. Most manufacturers recommend the use of a small amount of windshield washer fluid and a clean, lint-free cloth to clean blades and remove any road debris, dirt and other contaminants from these essential visibility features on your car or truck. A gentle touch is best to minimize the risk of damage to your blades during the cleaning process, especially for modern silicone-based or graphite-coated rubber wiper systems.

Replace Wiper Blades as Needed

Custom auto glass experts recommend checking your blades every six months at a minimum to determine if they are worn or damaged. Regular replacements can ensure optimal visibility on Texas streets and highways. Companies that offer car window tinting in Houston can often provide you with an accurate assessment of the condition of your front and rear wiper blades to allow you to make the right decision regarding replacement of these vital components. New windshield wiper blades are a relatively inexpensive investment in safety and visibility for your vehicle.

By caring for your windshield wipers carefully and replacing them as necessary, you can ensure a higher degree of safety behind the wheel and can enjoy improved visibility in rainy or snowy weather. Repairing any minor cracks and dings promptly can also provide you with a clear field of vision that can potentially help you avoid accidents before they occur. Building a relationship with a qualified Houston auto glass repair and tinting company can ensure that you stay safer on the road no matter what Mother Nature serves up this summer.

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