Houston Auto Glass Safety Facts

Houston Auto Glass Safety FactsThe windshield of your car is much more important than you may have expected. Keep reading to learn about important auto glass safety facts.

  1. Your car’s windshield helps keep you and your passengers in the car during a car wreck.┬áThe windshield of our vehicle provides a “shield” for you and your passengers. Damaged windshields can severely increase your chances of injury during a car accident. Get your windshield replacement┬átoday and protect yourself and your loved ones from and unexpected accident.
  2. The windshield plays an important part in the passenger side air bag functioning properly. If your windshield has a crack or a chip, it won’t provide the passenger side airbag with the support it needs to pin the passenger to their seat to avoid being thrown from the vehicle. Ultimately, it could result in serious injury or death to the passenger.
  3. A windshield is a structural part of your vehicle and gives support to the roof of the vehicle.– If your windshield is chipped or cracked, it is possible that the roof may cave in during an accident. It may not seem like getting your windshield repaired is a big deal, but it could save your life from an unexpected accident someday.
  4. In the event of a collision or rollover accident, your windshield can protect you. This means that your windshield also works with the seats, seatbelts and airbags to protect you in a crash.

As you can see, auto glass is a critical safety component of your vehicle’s occupant crash protection system. Have you given your auto glass a little TLC lately? Bring your vehicle to one of our five Houston area convenient locations so that our knowledgeable and friendly auto glass repair specialists can get that windshield crack or chip taken care of. We are here to serve you!