Window Tinting With A Lifetime Guarantee To Protect You And Your Vehicle From the Houston Sun And Heat

LLumarNobody likes a steering wheel that it is too hot to touch or a vehicle’s interior that is well over 100 degrees.  We all know that if you leave your car out in the sun on a summer day in Houston that is exactly what will happen. Affordable Auto Glass carries the extensive line of LLumar auto glass tinting products and has the highly trained technicians to correctly apply them to help minimize the effects of the Houston sun on the interior of your car.

When you have window tint applied to the glass in your car, it significantly reduces the heat coming into your vehicle and LLumar window film blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays.   It also makes your vehicle look sleek and stylish, while providing the added benefit of reducing glare when driving.

At Affordable Auto Glass, we want our craftsmanship to last for the lifetime of your vehicle and LLumar products carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. We only use the best in Houston auto glass tinting solutions.  That is why we put Llumar tinting products on your vehicle’s windshield and windows when you bring your car to one of our five convenient Houston auto glass tint shops.

The Advantages of Car Window Tinting

Tinting the windows on your car does not just improve its appearance. Many people opt to have their auto window glass professionally tinted for purely aesthetic reasons and are surprised by the many other benefits that go along with it. If you are on the fence about having your car’s windows tinted, you should consider some of the surprising benefits of doing so.


If you have ever been blinded by the bright sun glaring off your windshield or a side window, you know how dangerous it can be. Window tinting helps to alleviate this problem, so you can drive safely even when the sun is low in the sky.


Houston Window TintingIn addition to being dangerous, window glare while driving is unpleasant. Even if you are still able to see, you have to squint to do so. This phenomenon makes driving frustrating and window tinting makes it far less of a problem.


After spending so much money on your car, you would probably like to keep it in excellent shape. Imagine your dismay upon discovering that the sun is causing the upholstery in your vehicle to fade. It can also dry out leather interiors and make them more susceptible to damage. Tinting the windows prevents the most harmful rays of the sun from getting into your car, so its interior stays like new for much longer. Your local auto glass shop can provide details about the tinting film they carry and its UV rays blocking properties.

Energy Efficiency

Does it often feel like you have to run the air conditioning at full blast in your car but still cannot get comfortable? The air conditioning itself probably is not to blame; the greenhouse effect is. With the sun beating down into your car, your air conditioning system struggles to keep the interior temperature comfortably low. You end up wasting a lot of energy just to keep it moderately comfortable. With car window tinting, you prevent a lot of sunlight from getting inside, and your air conditioner is much more efficient and effective.

Glass Protection

No one wants the windows on their car to get chipped or damaged. Windshield chip repair is one thing; a shattered car window is another matter entirely. Even after having it repaired or replaced, you may keep finding shards of glass for many months. Tint film helps to hold the glass together and makes it much more resistant to shattering. In the unfortunate event that your window is smashed by something, the odds of glass going everywhere are much lower.


In your everyday life, you probably take steps to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. What about when you are in your car? If you have ever gotten a sunburn on your arm after driving a long distance, you know that it is a real problem. The best window tinting blocks those harmful rays, which dramatically reduces your risk of suffering from prematurely aging skin and skin cancer.


Tinted car windows just look cool. If you would like to quickly upgrade the appearance of your car, this is a great way to go. Perhaps you need windshield replacement because a crack is too large to be repaired; why not have the windows tinted while you are at it?

If you are tired of fighting the sun and heat every time you get into your car, it is time to get your vehicle’s glass tinted.  To learn more about the benefits of using Affordable Auto Glass to tint the glass on your car, call 713-952-4000 to speak with one of our auto glass and Houston windshield tinting experts.