Now is the Time to Tint Vehicle Glass

With tomorrow marking the first day of spring, warmer weather is on its way. In Texas, that means we will get a few weeks of nice weather until temperatures above 90 degrees become the norm for months.  Therefore, now is the perfect time to get your windows tinted.

By tinting your vehicle’s windows this spring, you help keep your vehicle cool this summer. Summers in Texas are incredibly hot, and without tinted windows, it is inevitable that you enter a vehicle that is hot to the touch at times. That is unless you have the luxury of keeping your vehicle in a covered garage or parking lot all day long.  Not very practical, is it?

Furthermore, have you ever touched a scalding hot steering wheel before? It not only hurts, but is an uncomfortable way to drive as well.  Instead of focusing on the road and drivers around you, you become more concerned with the burning sensation that has suddenly afflicted your hands.  That leads to distracted driving, which leads to a serious accident, which leads to damaged vehicle glass.  Then you will need to get in touch with an auto glass repair shop, which will put a dent in your wallet.

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