A Weird Windshield Story

In our many years of repairing auto glass, we have seen and heard a wide variety of reasons why customers needed windshield repairs.  Road rage incidents?  check.  Ran into a tree? check.  Hit a deer?  check.   In fact, we thought we had seen it all.  However, we found a windshield related story that left us speechless.

In yesterday’s edition of the Huffington Post, there was an article titled “Bird Turd Jesus: Ohio Man Jim Lawry Says Dropping on His Windshield Is Image of Christ.”   It took us a few a minutes, but after some initial laughter, we finally composed ourselves enough to actually read the article. Once we saw the picture of the bird dropping in question, we came to three conclusions.  One, why is this newsworthy?  Two, the bird dropping bears little if any resemblance to Jesus.  Three, this is nothing more than one man seeing what he wants to see, rather than what is really there.

That said, what harm does it do to let this man have his opinion?  It does not affect you or I in any way, so if it brings him some happiness, we should not try and take that from him. Of course, he does need to clean the “divine” bird dropping from his vehicle before the next time he takes it for a spin.   Safety matters, remember?

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