Why Tint your Auto Glass?

Houston’s Affordable Auto Glass is a premier glass replacement and repair company. We offer personalized service with qualified professionals who are highly skilled in glass repair, replacement and car window tinting. Our convenient facilities include five installation locations across the Houston area including downtown, Southwest/Galleria, West, North, and the Pasadena/Bay Area. We have a huge 50,000 sq. ft. facility that stocks a large selection of Auto Glass that will surely fit your specific needs. Our unique mobile service can be utilized for your convenience if you are in a bind and need fast reliable service in window replacement or repair. We also offer specialized services in glass cutting and replacement for those broken glass table tops, window panes, sliding glass doors, and front doors.

Your Houston auto glass experts have a team of car window tinting experts that offer a crisp clear window tint product that will make your driving experience less strenuous on your eyes and provide necessary protection from the sun while driving. Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with flawless results. Our window tinting technology offers our customers a clear driving experience free of bubbles and jagged edges. This technology helps prevent cracked leather seats from over exposure to the sun and faded fabric due to the hot and humid client in the Gulf Coast region. Living in our Houston heat, we want to help afford you the comfort you deserve while behind the wheel as well as enhance the look of your car.

Tip/Trick: Did you know that if you fill a sock with kitty litter and toss it under the seat in the car, that it will wick away any moisture in your car? The kitty litter should be changed every two weeks or so it can help absorb the moisture in your car that leads to windshield fog. A not-so-funny story happened in Houston this week. As reported by ABC13 man was pulled over in Houston, arrested and charged for having a sock of “meth”. He reportedly told the officer it was kitty litter, and after the lab results came in…..IT WAS KITTY LITTER. We have more tips on fog related car issues. Follow Affordable Auto Glass on Facebook and Twitter for more tips and tricks.

If your car’s windshield is cracked, do your repair it or replace it? More than 90% of window chips are repairable. If you ignore the chip without repairing it, chances are it will bleed into a bigger crack and cost more money to replace the entire window. Your safety and visibility are a critical concern to Affordable Auto Glass.  If you take immediate action by allowing our specially trained technicians to assist with this easy fix you can avoid entire window replacement and save hundreds of dollars.

Call Affordable Auto Glass today for a convenient and quick quote on any of our services. We take great pride in our work product and strive to make our customers happy. We look forward to serving your Houston auto glass repair and replacement needs.


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