Affordable Auto Glass in Houston

In the event you need to have a windshield replaced or repaired in Houston, Affordable Auto Glass of Houston would be a great place to start.  If you need it done today or before it rains again, Affordable Auto Glass has a remote service that can visit you at work or at home. And if you live in Houston, you know it could rain WHILE you are reading this, or maybe not for the next 3 months.

Affordable Auto Glass of Houston is incredibly prompt, polite and extremely reasonable with their auto glass replacement in Houston. I know first hand because they bailed me out of a bad situation. I was unloading groceries after parking in the garage. I had the tailgate window open and forgot about it – pushed the “close the garage door”  button and the door caught the tailgate window’s windshield wiper  and over-extended it. POP – glass went everywhere.

As I have 3 kids, someone always has a carpool that needs to be driven and this back window needed to be replaced as soon as possible – I’m a mom! I called Affordable Auto Glass around 2:00pm – they dispatched a serviceman and had him at my house by 3:00pm. He had the correct tailgate window, installed it as well as the windshield wiper, with in 30 minutes. He even vacuumed the glass for me that I had missed!

All kids made it to swim practice on time.

For all of your auto glass repair needs, call Affordable Auto Glass or  check out their website at

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