Auto Glass Cleaning Tips

Cracks to a vehicle’s auto glass aren’t the only thing that negatively affect a driver’s visibility. Streaks also hinder a driver’s ability to navigate a road safely, and they are easily preventable.   It just requires knowing the basics of cleaning any glass surface.

When you start the cleaning process, first get the glass cleaner and towels you are going to use.   However, don’t use just any old towel or cleaning product.   You need towels that will be gentle on your car, and a cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia. Besides releasing dangerous fumes, ammonia also dries out plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather. As for the towels, we recommend using microfiber towels.   They do a wonderful job removing unwanted lint, and yet, because they are very absorbent, prevent streaking.

After you have your supplies, it’s time to start cleaning.  We recommend starting with the windshield, considering it’s what a driver looks at the most. Spending extra time on it to make sure it looks perfect is a smart idea.

Once the windshield is finished, move on to your automobile’s window glass. When cleaning the side windows, two things are important. One, never clean dry windows in the sun.  Two, roll them down halfway to clean the top edges of the glass.   With the back window, clean the outside just like you did the windshield.   As for the inside, it may help to use the back of your hand to keep the towel in place to clean the lower edge of the glass.

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