Black Boxes, a Standard Car Feature? It’s on its Way.

Airbags.  Seatbelts.  Automotive window glass. These are all different safety measures that are standard features in any vehicle you purchase nowadays.   If the National Highway Traffic Safety Association has its way, you will soon be able to include black boxes in that list.

According to this article, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will require every new U.S. vehicle to have black boxes installed by Sept. 2014. In fact, the article also states that 96% of the brand new 2013 models already contain black boxes.

Now, we know what some of you are thinking:  this is an invasion of my privacy! While we understand that concern and sympathize with you in that regard, we are in favor of anything that makes the driving experience a safer one.  This does that.   Plus, think about how this feature could help prevent car accidents in the future.  By knowing what was going on in the vehicle at the time of the crash, we can learn from that driver’s mistake and not repeat it.

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