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Classic cars may need custom auto glass when it’s time to replace the windshield, windows, or mirrors.

If you need to replace the windshield or windows in your classic car, you may need custom auto glass created. Restoring a classic car is a lot of hard work and fun, and it’s exciting to watch heads turn as you drive your pride and joy down the street. Don’t let cloudy, cracked, or discolored glass detract from the look of your vintage vehicle! 

Classic Cars Often Need Custom Auto Glass for Replacement

After about 30 years, it can be difficult to find replacement parts and glass for vehicles, which is why you may need custom auto glass for your classic car. Many vintage cars have uniquely shaped, sized, and curved glass. Take, for instance, opera windows in some of the classic Ford Thunderbirds. You don’t find many modern cars with small round pieces of auto glass.

Because auto glass for classic cars is often much different than modern-day vehicles, most vintage car owners are left with one of two choices: looking through the junk yard on the off chance they have something that will work, or having a glass specialist create custom auto glass based on the car’s specifications. 

With junk yard glass, you could be sacrificing safety, as it can have old wear and tear that weakens the glass. Also, older safety glass doesn’t offer the same advantages of modern-day safety advancements in glass production.

Luckily, installing newer safety glass in your classic car shouldn’t affect the look or value of your car. So, you can improve safety with newer glass without detracting from the look and feel of your retro car. 

Why You May Need to Replace Glass in your Classic Car

Replacing windshields, windows, mirrors, and other auto glass is a fact of life, whether you own a newer model car or an antique. Over time, glass will start to look worn, scratched, or even get chipped or cracked. This generally means replacing it with new glass. 

Damaged auto glass on your classic car can:

  • Lower sale value 
  • Disqualify you from shows
  • Put you and your passengers in danger

Even small chips and scratches can weaken your auto glass and spoil the otherwise flawless look of your car. In some cases, windshield crack repair in Houston is an option for small damages on certain types of glass. However, if it’s not repairable, you may need to order custom auto glass for replacement. 

Expert Auto Glass Installation for Your Vintage Car

We get it, a lot of the fun of restoring a classic car is doing the work yourself. However, when it comes to the glass, it’s often best to have auto glass specialists do it for you. Replacing classic car glass can be dangerous and usually requires specialized tools and knowledge. Improper removal can mean shattered glass that can injure you and others. Also, removing old adhesive and ensuring the new adhesive sticks to the frame takes years of experience and industry-knowledge. Therefore, consider having a pro help you with this part of your restoration. 

At Affordable Auto Glass, we’re a top auto glass company with years of experience to help you with all your glass needs. Whether you need custom glass or window tinting in Houston, our highly trained technicians help you find the most practical and affordable options for your car. Call us today at (713) 774-5277 to learn more and get a free quote!

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