Driverless Cars? Don’t Dismiss The Idea.

Picture this:  instead of navigating bumper-to-bumper traffic, you could be relaxing while your car drives you to work.    As preposterous as this sounds, progress is being made on the idea.

In fact, three states have already braced themselves for the self-driving car revolution: California, Florida, and Nevada.   Each of these states has passed laws that makes self-driving cars street legal.

Even better, auto manufacturers have gotten on board.   In October, Nissan showed off a prototype of a self-driving version of its electric car, the Leaf. At the same time, other manufacturers, such as GM, Ford, Toyota, and BMW, are working diligently to come up with their own self-driving model.

Personally, we love the idea, and think most people would agree.  However, insurance companies might beg to differ.   Right now, it’s easy for them to determine who in Houston must pay for auto glass repair following an accident.  If driverless cars take over the road, that becomes much tougher. They would have to go after either the car manufacturer, software designer, or the GPS provider.

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