Drowsy Driving Puts Anyone’s Auto Glass at Risk

There is a new threat to your vehicle’s auto glass, and it is definitely something to not “snooze” at. Earlier this month, the CDC published a report stating that one out of every 24 Americans dozes off while driving. Even worse, the CDC report hits close to home.  It claims that falling asleep while driving is more common in Texas than any other state.

Isn’t this just comforting to know?   Now, every time a driver enters one of Houston’s freeways, they must worry if their fellow drivers are awake at the wheel.   That certainly does not make for a pleasant commute to-and-from work.   Nor is it something any driver should have to worry about.  However, that should be the least of anyone’s concern.

What matters most is that drowsy driving is incredibly dangerous to both the driver that falls asleep and those individuals in vehicles nearby.  According to the CDC report, at 60 mph, your car will travel 88 feet even if you only doze off for one second.   For comparisons sake, that is the equivalent of passing two school buses.   Therefore, it is easy to see how the devastating the effects of drowsy driving can be. Not only could your vehicle end up needing windshield repairs, but you or somebody else could be seriously injured.

Driving a vehicle should be a safe and enjoyable experience, and dozing off while driving puts that in serious jeopardy.  If you notice yourself about to fall asleep behind the wheel, pull over.  Then, you can either sleep peacefully without being in harms way, or hand the keys off to a passenger that can relieve you from your driving duties.

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