How to Be Safe When Driving Home This Spring Break

This weekend is going to be a nightmare for Texas drivers. With much of the state on Spring Break, expect heavy traffic on most freeways.  That means drivers need to be extra cautious, as one false move could make windshield repairs necessary.  However, there is good news.  By remembering some basic tips, you can keep your windshield free of cracks and chips.

First, drive only on well paved roads.  Roads under construction or in need of construction are more likely to have gravel and rocks on them.  Not only can gravel and rocks cause friction with tires, but vehicles in front of you can cause them to fly into your windshield, cracking it. This is especially true if you drive too closely behind 18 wheelers or other large vehicles.  They are gravel and rock magnets.

Second, resist the temptation to pass other vehicles.   For one thing, with so many cars on the road, it is not as if one lane will suddenly move faster than another. Furthermore, lane hopping is a good way to get an car accident.  The risk outweighs the reward here.

Finally, give yourself proper stopping distance from the vehicle in front of you.  In general, for regular city driving, a two-second rule applies.  However, because of the fast speeds present on freeways, doubling it is necessary.  Not tailgating other vehicles puts less stress on your brakes while reducing the chance you ruin your vehicle’s glass by slamming into the back of another car.

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