Hurricanes and Auto Glass

A hurricane has devastating effects on the region it hits.  It causes major power outages, flooding, damage to homes, and it even can severely damage your car. Now, we understand Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, not Houston, but we figured it was a good time to address how to protect your auto glass from sustaining damage due to a hurricane.

The best thing to do to protect your auto glass during a hurricane is obviously to not drive during the storm.  That seems obvious, but some people out there are storm chasers, and will do whatever it takes to get pictures of the storm. Even if it means putting themselves and their vehicle in harms way. The next thing to do is never park your car outside in an uncovered area during a hurricane. Think about it.   Not only can the high winds crack your windshield, but so can all the debris flying around from the storm.

The reason for all these tips is that while it gives us great satisfaction to help those in Houston repair a windshield crack, we don’t want anyone to need auto glass repair on their vehicle from a hurricane.  Especially since it is easily preventable.

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