Leave Windshield Repair To The Professionals

windshield repair houston, windshield replacement houstonWe are all for those who pride themselves in being independent & repairing their own stuff when necessary, but… there’s times that it’s simply just best to leave it to the professionals. Windshield repair, for instance, is often a job that NEEDS to be done ASAP, but most seem to procrastinate on. Why? Well, it’s “too expensive” to take to a windshield repair shop, but the truth is — the longer you delay it, the more expensive it could get. Avoid any screw-ups by attempting to DIY the windshield repair yourself & bring it in to Houston’s Affordable Auto Glass.


By attempting the windshield repair yourself, you have to realize that once it is done & there was a mistake made, it cannot be undone. A streak or crack you were trying to repair may require an entire windshield replacement because you’ve done something incorrectly. (P.S. windshield replacements are a little on the pricier side so there goes saving money!)


We know what you’re going to do. You’re going to go to the store & buy yourself one of those cheap DIY windshield repair kits. Hey, we get it. The price for one of those sounds better than paying a professional, but know that it really only does half of the job. You can make an actual crack or chip in your windshield worse!


If you take the time to do your DIY windshield repair, it might take you at least an hour & you even have to wait for a sunny day so you can get proper lighting to get it done. Repair shops, on the other hand, can take as little as 20 minutes, depending on the damage to your windshield.


Before you go out and buy that DIY windshield repair kit, double check your insurance policy first. Many policies will become invalid if you use a DIY kit to fix the damage on your windshield. This is because if you are more likely to make a mistake and end up doing more damage than a professional would.


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