Make Sure To Clean Your Windshield Before Driving

When it comes to driving, visibility is key.  Without a clean line of sight to things happening around and in front of you, you increase your odds of needing windshield replacement services significantly. During winter, colder temperatures cause ice and frost to attach themselves to a vehicle’s windshield.  This reduces a driver’s visibility by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it is paramount that any driver takes the time to de-ice their windshield before hitting the road. Otherwise, bad things can happen.

For example, a Utah woman decided to drive with frost on her windshield earlier this week, and ended up hitting and killing a cyclist in the process.  She was subsquently arrested, and now is looking at the possibility of spending time in jail.  Not to mention, a man lost his life and a family is now grieving.

All because a driver chose to not spare five to ten minutes and clear the frost from her windshield before hitting the gas pedal.  Surely, she would love to go back in time and clear her windshield before driving that day.  However, as is the case with automobiles, you rarely get a second chance to right a wrong.

Do not be like this woman.  Make sure your windshield is clean and clear before you hit the road.  If you don’t, repairing a windshield crack will be the least of your worries.

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