Rental Cars and Windshield Repair

Sometimes driving a rental car is a necessity.   It could be because your car is in the shop, or it could be because you have traveled to another city by plane.   However, regardless of the reason you are stuck driving a rental car, one thing is always the same: unless you choose to get rental car insurance, the rental car company makes you liable for any damages to the car, no matter how they happen.   One Mississippi man found this out the hard way.

According to this story, the man rented a car to go on a recent trip to Memphis with his family.  During the drive, a rock hit his rental car, cracking the windshield ever so slightly.  But as the trip progressed, the crack got larger and larger, until by the time him and family returned home to drop the car off, it was around two feet in length.

Now, the man understood he was liable for the damage, and even offered to pay for the windshield to be repaired, figuring the deductible from his insurance would cover it.   However, the rental car company had other ideas.  They charged him over $1,000 for the damage, which is way overpriced and more than the man’s deductible covered.

The moral of the story:  Rental car insurance is more valuable than you think.  If you are stuck driving a rental car in Houston and need windshield repairs, you don’t want a hassle over how much it will cost to fix.

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