The Future of Auto Glass

How cool would it be for someone in Houston to get auto glass installed that could change color to create the optimal temperature and lighting conditions inside their vehicle? Well, it may be closer to happening than we think.

One California company has developed an automatically tinting window system.  For now, the windows are being used very sparingly, though one California hotel has installed them.   However, we could easily see these gain in popularity for commercial businesses, just like what happened with transitions lenses for glasses.  If that happens, the next logical place for a window system like this to be installed would be on a car, truck, or SUV.   Imagine being able to drive around Houston with your windows creating the perfect lighting conditions for driving, as well as reducing or increasing the heat in your vehicle depending on the weather conditions.   Wouldn’t that come in handy during the sweltering heat of a Houston summer, when your vehicle feels like a sauna.

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