The Purpose of the Glove Box

When you buy a car, in what condition does it get delivered to you?   Nice and neat, or messy and grungy?   The answer is nice and neat, of course.    Nobody would accept paying thousands of dollars for a brand new automobile with scratched window glass when it comes off the showroom floor.   Conversely, the dealership would take hits in credibility and reputation if they neglected to properly detail their vehicles prior to selling them.

No matter how nice the car looks when you first drive it off the lot, it does not take long for it to become over run with clutter.    That is when owners decide it is time to give the inside of their vehicle a deep cleaning.  So, they start rummaging through the vehicle, looking for ways to get rid of these unwanted receipts and papers.   Now, the logical thing to do would be to put a trash can right next to the vehicle and just throw away those unnecessary documents.  While that would make sense, many people do not take care of the issue that way.  Instead, they stuff those old papers and receipts in the nearest drawer they can find. Usually, in a car, that means the glove box.   That is not smart.

In any vehicle, the glove box is strategically placed so a driver can access vital information that will keep their car running smoothly at all times.  If unnecessary papers and receipts are stuffed in it, it just makes it more time consuming and harder to access the information truly needed. For example, what if you get in your vehicle before heading to work, and the low tire pressure light is on?   This is a problem that needs immediate attention.  Remember, driving on tires at less than peak condition can cause an accident, which in turn could cause you to need mobile windshield repair services.  So, you decide its time to check the tires.  Smart move.   First, you realize need a tire pressure gauge to determine the amount of pressure currently in the tires. Secondly, you decide to grab the owner’s manual to find out the recommended amount of pressure for your vehicle’s tires.   Now it is time to venture into the glove box to grab those two items.  However, when you open the glove box, it is stacked a mile high with unnecessary material.  Instead of taking a few seconds to grab the tire pressure gauge and your vehicle’s owners manual, it has now taken a few minutes.   Eventually, you do get the tire pressure issue resolved, but it has come at a cost:  you have to call your boss and let him or her know you are going to be late to work.

It does not have to be this way.   If you only store documents and items related to your vehicle in the glove box, you will not waste precious seconds when troubleshooting and fixing a problem.  Which in turn, will reduce your stress and make you a much happier driver.

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