Want to Protect Your Auto Glass? Don’t Do This.

Look, we know that sometimes your vehicle suffers damage that you could never have prevented.   That doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do when navigating Houston roads to prevent your auto glass from getting cracked.  You can try to minimize your driving when it’s really windy, really hot, or really cold. You can avoid driving on roads you know are in poor condition.   Of course, the reality is, most people don’t have the luxury of not driving depending on the weather conditions, nor do they have knowledge of every road in poor condition in their city.   However, there is one thing that anyone can and should do every time they drive their vehicle:   Do not follow other cars too closely, especially construction or cement trucks.

The reason behind this is simple.  The tires on any vehicle come in contact with gravel, dirt, and rocks on the road, and as the tires move, they can kick up those particles.   If you follow another vehicle too closely, you might hear a BAM!  That means those loose particles got kicked right into your windshield, cracking it.  As for why following a construction or cement truck too closely is a bad idea, just consider the materials those trucks are carrying to their next destination.

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