Why Go to an Auto Show

Last week, the city of Houston hosted its 30th annual Auto Show at the Reliant Center.   Now, it is commonplace after such an event to post a review, highlighting all the cool cars and technology on display. However, our auto glass specialists suggested a different idea: Instead of discussing what revved people’s engines at the event, focus on the reasons anyone should attend an auto show.

1)  It is a lot of fun.

Looking at cars brings out the inner Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor in people.  For those that do not remember, Tim Taylor was Tim Allen’s character in “Home Improvement.” And boy, did he love cars. Whenever something automotive related was discussed during the show, he would revert back into a little kid at Christmas.   His eyes would light up, he would passionately begin talking, and eventually his signature “grunt” would be on full display.   There is just something about RPM’s and horsepower that resonates with people.

2)  You get to be one of the first to see the latest in automotive technology.

Every year, automakers work diligently to create the best driving experience possible.   Body styles are changed, safer auto glass is developed, and fuel efficiency is improved. At past auto shows, you would have seen keyless ignition systems, the first hybrids, and even the first smart car.   This year, new vehicle developments included technology to fight wrong way driving, rearview cameras that sense danger, and even rain-sensing windshield wipers.   At future auto shows, attendees are likely to see self-driving cars, and even computerized windshields.

3)  It gives you ideas towards your next vehicle.

This works two ways.  One, you may see a new-concept car that you absolutely fall in love with, and must buy when it officially hits the market.  Two, you may not see the car of your dreams, but you start making a list of all the different features that you want included in your next car.

4)  It provides teachable moments for your children.

We live in the technology age, and kids are understanding how technology works at a younger age than ever before.  Since an auto show is chock full of new technological developments, it provides parents with a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to their children exactly how these new car features work.

5)  You get to test drive new vehicles.

While looking at cars is cool and all, nothing beats stepping foot in a vehicle, hearing the hum of the engine, and cruising to your hearts content.  That is the only way to truly know if a vehicle is right for you, in our opinion.  At the Houston Auto Show last week, visitors had opportunities to test drive vehicles from a variety of major automakers.  Cadillac, Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, you name it, you could test drive it.

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