Why To Choose Professional Window Tinting

window tintingWith this ‘gloom & doom’ rainy weather, we KNOW professional window tinting is the last thing on your mind. Although, let’s not forget the almost constant bright & hot sun that arrives in a few short weeks, as we say “hello!” to spring again! Texas heat is no joke & pretty soon we will have customers rushing to our door to do the very thing we are telling you to care care of NOW. Avoid the crowds & get your windows tinted by the experts at Affordable Auto Glass. Still not convinced? Here’s a few reasons why professional window tinting is the way to go:

Blocks UV Rays

Think of window tint like sunblock for your car’s interior. The sun can fade, tear, or damage the interior & if it can do that over time, then imagine what is occurring to your skin. Prevent skin damage like discolorations, wrinkles, and sunspots with tinted windows for your vehicle.

Temperature Control

This one is kind of a given. Don’t mess with windshield covers in & out of your vehicle; the tint will help control the car’s internal temperature. So, go ahead. Give up that parking spot in the shade because your tinted windows will help keep your car cool during the hot months!

Helps In Accidents

Because the window tint covers the entire pane of glass, it acts like a bandage, protecting your passengers by holding the shattered glass together if it were to break in the wake of an accident.


Privacy is a big one for some folks. Ever stop somewhere & find yourself hiding valuables such as bags & purses because you were afraid to have them stolen? It’s better to hide your stuff than to leave them out for others to be tempted to break in. Darkened & tinted windows keeps that temptation low.

It simply looks cool.

You can’t deny the smooth & sleek appeal of dark car windows!

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