Window Tinting in Houston May Help Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

black car with window tinting in Houston

Window tinting in Houston can help block out UV rays that put your skin at risk.

Most of us know to lather on the sunscreen before we head to the beach, but did you know driving can also put you at risk for exposure to sun rays that cause skin cancer? A lot of car windows don’t block these rays effectively, which can put you at risk. Fortunately, window tinting in Houston can help block harmful sun rays linked to skin cancer. This is especially important for us Houstonians, because we get an average of about 204 sunny days every year. That’s a lot of sun exposure!

Car Windows Don’t Block Skin-Cancer Causing UV Rays Effectively

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, riding or driving in the car can still expose you to skin cancer causing sun rays. There are two types of UV rays you need to worry about: UVA and UVB. UVB rays are usually responsible for sunburns. UVA rays are more responsible for premature aging (up to 5-7 years for chronic exposure!). However, both can cause skin cancer. Most types of glass are pretty good at blocking UVB rays, but not so great at stopping UVA rays. 

Studies have found that windshields made of laminated glass do pretty well at blocking UVA rays (about 90%). However, side windows and sunroofs may not offer the same level of protection. Up to 50% of UVA radiation can still get into your car from the windows. In fact, skin cancers are most common in the U.S. on the left side – the driver’s side. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a few ways to help protect yourself and your passengers. This includes wearing clothes that cover your skin and applying sunscreen. But, if we’re honest, a lot of us are probably still going to forget about before we hop in the car for our morning commute. Luckily, car window tinting in Houston can help protect you from UV radiation and is another measure the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends for reducing your risk of sun exposure in the car.

Window Tinting in Houston Offer UV Protection for You and Your Passengers

When you think of car tint, you probably think of cooler car interiors or cooler-looking cars. Don’t overestimate the benefits of blocking out UV rays! Just keep in mind that not all types of window tint are made the same, so choose a car window tint that offers a good UV protection rating.

Ceramic window tint is going to be the most long-lasting type of tint. It’s also up to 99% effective against UV rays! However, it does tend to be the most expensive option, so it might not be the best option based on your budget. If that’s the case, there are other options. 

Carbon tint is effective at blocking UV and infrared rays, so it’s great for blocking out the sun’s heat and damaging radiation. 

Metallic car tint is also pretty effective for UV protection, but keep in mind the metal in the film can interfere with GPS, cell phones, and even the radio. 

Dyed films are the least effective at blocking UV rays, though they still offer some protection compared to untinted car windows. However, most people choose these types of tints for aesthetic and heat, rather than sun ray protection.

Our experts can help you find the right option for your car and budget to help you protect your skin! We even include a lifetime guarantee for your tint.

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