Windshield Cracks Happen. Don’t Let Them Linger.

If you are an experienced driver, odds are pretty good that at some point your vehicle has had its windshield chipped or cracked.   That’s especially true if you do a lot of heavy freeway driving, as is the norm in Houston.   However, windshield repairs need to be done as soon as possible.  If they aren’t, a variety of factors will work together to cause the crack to spread over time.  They are:

1)  Temperature

Basically, the temperatures that cause a windshield crack to spread the quickest are extremely hot weather and extremely cold weather.   Also, anytime you turn on the AC in your car to adjust to the outside temperature, you are increasing the likelihood the crack spreads.

2)  High Winds

Nothing wreaks havoc on a damaged windshield more than strong wind gusts. High winds are already problematic for a windshield in good condition, but they are devastating to a cracked windshield.   They put immense pressure on your windshield, and that causes the crack to spread.

3) Poor Road Conditions

One of the most common reasons a windshield gets cracked is loose rocks or gravel from the road get kicked up and hit it.   If you already have a cracked windshield, driving on poor road conditions gives those loose rocks a chance to careen into the damaged windshield, therefore increasing the size of the crack.

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