Windshield Repair in Houston & Construction Zones

cars driving through highway construction zone need windshield repair in Houston

Construction zones have a lot of rocks and debris that can damage your auto glass and require windshield repair in Houston.

There is a lot of road construction going on, with spending for road construction nearly twice what it was in 2021. With this comes with extra traffic, detours, and the potential for windshield damage. Therefore, you may need windshield repair in Houston to help keep your car in good shape. In this article, we’ll discuss why road construction increases the risk for windshield damage and whether the city or construction company is responsible for the repairs. 

Why You May Need Windshield Repair in Houston After Driving Through Construction Zones

Construction zones come with a lot of debris, gravel, and the potential for potholes and other less-than-perfect road conditions. There’s no doubt that the construction crews work hard to keep debris contained and maintain safe construction zones, or that many construction projects once finished actually solve more headaches than they caused during construction. Yet, many of us know the dreaded sound of a rock or other construction debris colliding with our windshields. Because of all the extra rocks, gravel, and other materials in construction zones, your auto glass in Houston, TX may be at risk for damage when passing through project zones. 

Typically, construction zone windshield damage amounts to minor chips in the glass from flying rocks and pebbles. Though, sometimes larger damages like cracks can happen. Fortunately, most of the time these damages are quick and inexpensive to fix through windshield repair in Houston. Generally, windshield damage can be repaired if:

  • Damage is smaller than the size of a dollar bill
  • The damage is out of the driver’s direct line of sight
  • Damages only penetrate one layer of glass

In other cases, you may need windshield replacement for your damaged windshield.

Will the City or Construction Company Pay for Repairing My Auto Glass in Houston, TX?

So, if the road conditions cause your windshield damages, who pays for windshield repair in Houston? For instance, can you have the city or the construction company pay for repairs? Unfortunately, in most cases the answer is no. Texas laws say that Texas DOT and the City of Houston are typically not liable for damages caused by road conditions. However, there may be some exceptions, which is why you can file a claim with the Department of Transportation or with the City of Houston for damages you believe they are responsible for

As far as the construction company, it’s often difficult to prove that their actions directly caused your windshield damage. Most allow you to file a claim, but they will often deny those claims. You can fight this, but be aware that there’s no guarantee that the law will be on your side. 

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